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You will now have received your event info guide and programme overview.  

We have put together a list of FAQ's that will hopefully answer any outstanding questions you may have.

Will I receive any more info?

We will issue a Sub Camp specific programme guide to each participant during the event.  It's a handy guide to what's on and when, with a fold out event map to find all your favourite activities.

Staff will receive an online participant event guide, programme guide and emergency incident handbook.

Do I need to give you any more info?

We need completed group booking forms, activity sign ups, equipment requests, and details of your travel arrangements and tent footprint. We don't need any further info at this stage.

How do I know if my participants have completed health forms and can these be updated if circumstances have changed?

We have updated your booking forms.  There is a column for medical forms received, it will be checked "yes" if we have received a completed form.  All forms must be returned by the 1st July 2017.  Health information can be changed by emailing jamboree@auchengillan.com with details.  

Can I book equipment?

You can book tables, benches, gas and pioneering poles through your activity sign up sheet.  We will confirm that you are able to hire the requested equipment prior to the event.

Do my Explorers/Senior Section need to participate in the purple programme?

Yes, even though the participants maybe camping out with the 14 - 17yrs sub camp,  we have allocated spaces to them on the dedicated senior programme.

How much is AJ's Diner and can we visit anytime?

A price list and menu is available to download.  Other specials and events will be available throughout the week.  Pop in to see what is happening, or watch out for further details from our Media Team.

The diner will be operational for drop ins throughout the day.  If you would like your whole group to attend for breakfast/lunch/evening meal this must be indicated on your activity sign up sheet.  There may be capacity to take additional bookings during the event if you decide to revisit.  Many groups have booked this facility for offsite days, as a convenient alternative to group catering after a long day offsite.

Does a leader need to accompany the participants on tours or activities?

If you have chosen a trip to Edinburgh, leaders will be required to accompany participants.  Explorers may wish to go to Edinburgh unaccompanied and this will be at the discretion of their group leader.

You do not need to accompany participants to any other activities or tours.  We will send a chaperone on each coach. You can accompany groups provided transport allows or you plan to make your own way there.  You must sign in and out from reception.

Do we need to supply a packed lunch for offsite days?

If you are visiting Scottish Assault Course you will require a packed lunch (alternatively there is a cafe at the location).  Packed lunches are available from AJ's Diner by pre-order during the event at a cost of £5.75 per person. 

Hill walks will require a packed lunch and plenty of water.

Loch Lomond and Pinkston are half days with an estimated return to site at 14:00 for AM trips and departure of 12:30 for PM trips.  You may wish to provide a packed lunch or provide lunch on the participants return. 

We have requested a specific day for the Hill walk and Edinburgh tour, will these be confirmed?

We will confirm your trips prior to the event.  In some circumstances it may be necessary to offer alternative days however we will strive to keep this to a minimum.

What times do the coaches depart and return?

DestinationDeparts AuchengillanDeparts VenueETA back at AJ17
Scottish Assault Course09:1515:3017:00
Pinkston & Loch Lomond AM08:3013:1514:00
Pinkston & Loch Lomond PM12:3017:1518:00
Hill Walks (Mon - Wed)09:0016:0017:00
Hill Walk (Thurs - Fri)08:3016:0018:00

How do the Hill choices work?

You have the option of a hill walk on two days.  The days applicable to your sub camp are colour coded on your activity sign up sheet.  Circle your preferred day and circle if you would like to attend the high walk or the low walk.  

Can leaders participate in activities?

Yes, any on site activities with exception of the Pool Party.  There may be an opportunity to visit the Scottish Assault Course, Pinkston White Water Centre and the Hill Walks.  Availability will be confirmed during the event.  Global Goals workshops will run throughout the week and a sign up will operate during the event.

How are the onsite activities allocated?

Your allocated Adventure Days are where you can take part in on site activities.  These are colour coded by sub camp, and you will find more details in your Programme Guide. Decide what you want to do and turn up for an awesome time.  If there is a queue at your chosen activity just pop back later.  We will not be issuing tickets for the on site activities.  On site days and admittance will be determined by your sub camp and it is important you wear your wrist band at all times - if it becomes damaged or you lose it report it to Reception immediately.

On Sub camp day we are running a group activity, how long should this last? Where will we be running them?

The activities will be run on your Sub Camp or a designated activity area confirmed during the event.  You should organise an activity that lasts between 10 - 20 mins and you will be visited by other participants on the Sub Camps.

Can we only order shopping online?

You can order shopping online (PCs are available for use in the Adult Hub) or you can make your own way to the supermarket.  Just let Reception know if you are heading off site.  Both Tesco and Asda offer deliveries to site.  A collection area will be set up in the Drop Off / Pick Up zone where you will be able to collect your delivery.

How much are the AJ17 T Shirts?

AJ17 T Shirts are £6 each.  

Auchengillan T shirts are priced at; £6 kids and £9 adults.  Hoodies are £16 kids and  £20 adults.

Is there a facility for worship?

If you have any special requests please visit Reception for assistance.  Our transport team can arrange to take you to a local place of worship.

Can you assist with transport to/from AJ17?

Yes, there will be a small fee and we will confirm arrangements with you prior to the event.

I am attending as a leader, can I help the staff?

Pop into Reception during the event and we'll find you a role :)

If you have any other queries that aren't addressed by the above, please contact us for further assistance.

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